High Buns and Metallic Sweaters OOTD

It’s sweater weather and there’s no better way to celebrate the new year in style than with this distressed metallic sweater! It’s so comfortable despite what you’d think from first glance. But what’s better is how much I paid for it!

This sweater is one of those fashion blessings from God that I get often and will be talking more about this year. From first glance it looks like a regular heather gray sweater, but it’s not! It has a metallic finish that makes it more than what meets the eye. It instantly dresses up any look and is especially perfect for the holidays when you want to feel comfortable while still being aesthetically appropriate.

The best part of this sweater is how crazily affordable it is. I got it for just 10 bucks! I randomly came across it one day when I was perusing through the sweater racks at Ross and thought “oh yeah” when I saw the price. It was definitely a gem because it was the only one of its kind AND it was in my size. I think I was destined to have it if I say so myself. 😌

Life Lesson: God is capable of blessing you with extraordinary gems in what seems like ordinary places.

Outfit Details

Sweater: Ross Stores

Leather Pants: Agaci Stores

Boots: Local Houston Shoe Boutique