Cheers To A New Year 🥂

We’re already 1 week into 2019 and I can already sense a difference between this year and last year. I feel the answered prayers manifesting themselves in the physical and I hope I’m not just caught up in the spirit of new year resolutions. In order to make sure that this high lasts all year round, here are a few lifestyle changes I’m implementing this year in hopes of getting different outcomes.

1. Do More, Talk Less

2018 taught me just how cheap talk is. It’s really not worth the dry mouth you get from doing it so much. I can personally say I talked my way through last year with not much but a few tangibles to show for it. Now that I think about it, those fruits came about when I actually labored for them. They were the true manifestations of what walking by faith looked like. They were proof that the key is to “do” and not just “say you will do”.

This year I’m planning on doing more and talking less. And I don’t just mean merely writing more, I plan on actually jotting down realistic steps needed to achieve certain goals. To know the goal is one thing but to reach the goal is another. Goals without concrete plans on how to achieve the goals are just dreams. So yes, I spent my 2018 dreaming. But merely dreaming doesn’t move you forward or backward, it keeps you exactly where you are.

Goals without plans on how to achieve the goals are just dreams.

2. Drag Your Fear Behind

Completely waiting for the fear of tackling a new adventure to disappear before you actually tackle it is preposterous. Fear is not something you easily get rid of. It’s a spirit that gets stronger and stronger if not checked. It takes a hold of you from the inside and can only lose its grip when wrestled off. I’ve consistently gone head to head with my fears for some time now, but even after body slamming it to the ground, fear still manages to grab a hold of me at the most unwanted times. It either attaches itself to my wrist or my ankle in attempt to use its weight to hinder me from moving forward, but to its surprise it cannot. Not anymore.

I realized that the strength within me comes from a source that has no limit. The God of wonders lives in me and is unimaginably heavier than the flimsy fear that was once my friend. Since my steps are heavier now and more affirmed, the fear that once overpowered me has lost its footing and now gets dragged behind me.

As a child of God we will forever be at war with the enemy, so I don’t expect fear to permanently leave me alone. However, I do expect it to become overpowered and disheveled as I move forward in accordance with God’s will for my life. I now anticipate its attacks and have learned to combat its lies with the word of God. So instead of letting fear talk me out of obedience, I’m choosing to unfriend it and will be adding it to my block list.

3. Live in the Now

There will never be a time like now. We honestly cannot tell what awaits us in the future, but we are aware of what’s happening now. Procrastination does more harm than good, if not done with a purpose in mind. By the end of 2018, I realized I spent a lot of time in my head. I drastically withdrew from my present only to bounce back and forth between my past and my future. But I’m choosing to let go of who I was because I know who I will become is substantially better.

I also will not be obsessing over who I will be because I will be her eventually. The truth is, I probably will never be as physically able as I am now, so it’s time to take advantage of that. The future will come on its own time regardless of how much effort I put into trying to speed it up. There’s too much out there now for me to experience that will not always be there. The world is constantly changing and life is too fickle to make any guarantees.

What are some of your 2019 goals and what are some ways you’re changing things up this year to meet those goals?

This year I want you to know that with God, ANYTHING is possible, as long as you make sure your in His will.

Until next time, stay strong and be encouraged.