A Day With Friends 🎈

With much to give thanks for this year, I’m thankful for friends. There’s so much happening in this world and each and everyday is honestly a blessing so everyone coming together to celebrate her was a huge honor!

Being apart of a community of truly powerful women is so rewarding! Community was designed for us to be able to live this roller coaster called life in the best and most efficient way possible. No one should ever have to go through life alone… no matter what society says. You were made to influence someone’s life in some way so whenever you isolate yourself from your community, know that you’re allowing yourself to be put in a place where your mental health and well-being will be at risk.

It’s those times when we feel alone or forgotten that those not so kind thoughts begin to seep into our minds but we can choose to not let that happen! I’ve always heard that you should find your tribe but in all honesty, I think your tribe finds you. By being in the right places at the right times, you’ll be introduced to people who you can truly be yourself around and will find yourself growing in ways you could never imagine. if I know one thing and one thing only besides that the Lord is good, it’s that friendships should never be one-sided and should always be nurtured. Most importantly, remember that your friends are just as human as you are and should be shown the same grace that God shows you.

It’s not easy to feel like you’ve been put in a place where it’s hard to fit in, but somehow, someway, I know that through prayers and petitions, you will inevitable find your tribe. They might not look how you thought they would look or like all the things that you like, but the key is to always meet people with an open mind and to never jump to conclusions. You can never lose from simply being yourself. Doing that not only draws the right people to you, but it also removes the wrong people so room can be made for the right people.


So in conclusion, despite how much “bad” you feel you can do without people, truth is, you can do A LOT MORE WITH THEM. Man was never meant to be alone and anything that challenges that needs to be revisited.

Until next time,