The Seeds of June

A wise woman once said to me, “nothing comes from nothing”. And as someone who took some of the most thought provoking classes back in school, it took some time for those powerful words to truly land.

If you’ve ever gone to the Lakewood young adult service every Sunday evening, you’ve probably heard the saying “grow where you’re planted” a multiple of times. I’ve actually seen it on a couple of social media posts within the past year. But it has never resonated on me like it has now. In order for something to grow, a seed must have first been planted. But what does that seed look like in your current situation?

What minor investment can you make now that will eventually lead you to something bigger? Do you have to learn to cultivate your talents? Do you have to go back to school and complete a certain degree plan? Do you have to go and make a certain purchase? Whatever it is, it’s time to do it.

Half of the year is almost gone and I would hate for the end of the year to sneak up on us as we’re still trying to decide if we should plant our seed or not. But planting your seed without watering it or nurturing it is just as bad as not planting it at all. After you make the initial investment in yourself, keep going. After you get admittance into that program, do your best to take advantage of every internship, alumni or organization that has the potential to propel you further. After you invest in that camera, go and take some photograph classes or look up some YouTube videos. Learn everything you can about not only the camera, but also about the art of lighting and subject placement. Don’t just take a leap of faith and apply for that job. Make sure you do the research necessary to perform well during the interview. Plan your outfit out the day before and spend some time going through some self affirmations because confidence can be heard, seen and felt.

This June and from here on out, I’m going to make the conscious efforts to plant the right seeds. I’m going to make sure the soil is able to grow my seed and will put in the work needed to nurture it until a harvest comes from it. Will you do the same? How about you? Will you decide to live proactively and play a big part in creating the life you’ve always dreamed of living. Are you willing to drop the seed into the ground and wait to see the fruits of your labor? Key word wait. Because seeds don’t grow over night. You didn’t even grow overnight. Give your “seed” some grace and take care of it until it’s fit to blossom. 😊

Until next time,