A Different Type of Floral 🌸

Standing out is what life is all about and that is why I love, love, love this top! It has a personality of its own and completely over powers anything that is paired with it. The 3D flowers are actually what makes the top what it is, a statement piece!

You can pair this work of art up with a variety of things. I personally decided to wear it with my mid rise jeans and a white tank top to better accentuate the flowers. I kept the look very subtle with silver slipper heels so that the pop of color can come solely from my red lip. Some people might choose to add more elements or colors to how they’d style this top and that’s ok. All that matters is that you style it your own way!

This entire outfit was purchased at a local houston store called “Just In”. It’s such an effortless look that can be dressed up or dressed down and the top was purchased in a size medium.