Powerful in Pink

Have you ever come face to face with the mystic presence of nature? Well for a brief moment, surrounded by the evident presence of spring, I felt as if I was in a whole different world.This look is probably one of the few looks that actually resembles the picture that I had in my head. The blush pink and white give this outfit a feminine feel while the leather jacket adds a very subtle edge to it. Though the articles of clothing alone were good enough,  it’s the scenery that really brought everything together. If you didn’t know before, let me be the first to tell you about my love for nature. The nature that is found in local parks and not the nature that is home to foreign insects or wild animals to be exact.

After suddenly finding myself in a neighborhood full of beautiful trees, I quickly realized that missing my exit clearly happened for a reason. I promised myself that I would come back and have a shoot here and that’s what I did. I’ve been struggling with the need to reemerge in a creative sense and by the grace of God, this shoot did just that. When everything around you is starting to bloom, you have no choice but to join along. But back to the outfit at hand, this piece is probably one of my most affordable looks.

My pants were originally supposed to be used for another look but I felt it better suited this one. I’m not too sure of what the originally price was since I inherited them from my mom, but they sure are something. My blush tank was under two bucks and my statement necklace was under 5! The most expensive piece would have to be my leather jacket which came just under 30 dollars. But what’s even more surprising than the prices of these pieces was where they were bought from.

I found my jacket just randomly perusing through Ross like I usually do and after over twenty minutes of walking up and down the aisles trying to convince myself to buy it despite the impending warm weather, I finally went ahead and bought it! This beauty is the second leather jacket that has ever entered my closet, the first one was bought over 10 years ago and was donated a few years later. I usually struggle with making spur-of-the-moment purchases, but there are no regrets with this one.

Do you like statement jewelry? Have you ever shopped at Walmart  for statement jewelry? Did you know that they even sold statement jewelry at Walmart? What most boutiques would be selling for at least $50, I was able to obtain this unique piece for just $5! Only God knows how I screamed when I saw the price, thankfully no one was around to hear my high-pitched squeals. If nothing else, I want to always be known for having the ability to put together a wonderful outfit, for a very low-cost.

Don’t get me wrong, yes great quality clothing is often on the pricier side, but it’s almost always worth the price.  However, if you pay attention closely, you’ll notice that our favorite brands are being caught selling the same articles of clothing but for different prices. So if you’re like me and you’re not too into brands, keep your eyes open because you’ll be surprised at the gems you find in the least likely places. But if you’re not like me and you prefer your more luxurious brands, go ahead and spend it if you have it and you want it! I’m definitely here for it also.

Outfit Details

  • Leather Jacket : Ross Stores
  • Tank Top : Forever 21
  • Wide Leg Pants : My mom’s closet
  • Statement Necklace : Walmart!
  • Other accessories : Forever 21

Until Next Time, Look Good but Feel Better!