It’s Easter Sunday! #HeyApril

Today’s isn’t just the first day of the new month, no, it’s so much more than that.

It’s Resurrection Sunday, the day life truly began for mankind. It’s such an important day because without it, the life we know would not exist. We would not have the privilege of approaching the throne of grace freely as we do now.  We would not have had the opportunity to share in Christ’s inheritance.

As believers, we know that Jesus Christ died for our sins and resurrected on the third day. But do you know what we sometimes tend to forget? We forget that the same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave lives in us. The same power that loosened the grip of death and called the devil a liar lives in us right now!

We tend to feel trapped in certain circumstances because of our inability to change them, but do you know who can change our current situations? God can. With God nothing is impossible and that’s not just a song, but solid facts. Jesus Christ came so that we would not be bound by the lies that we tell ourselves or the limitations society puts on us. He died so we would be able to be reconciled with God and with each other. His death and resurrection symbolized a new beginning. And what perfect time to start a fresh then on Resurrection Sunday aka the first day of the month of April.

Christ paid our debts a long time ago and with that freed us from condemnation. So why do we keep letting ourselves be bound by situations or people who have no authority over us? It’s time to live the kind of life worthy of the debt that was paid. A whole life had to be given up in order for us to be made right with God. A God that is more intricate than the universe he created sought after us. Who are we not to trust his will? It’s time to start having that child like faith where we believe that our father can do anything he wants because he is all-powerful and all knowing.

The door to the prison sin has tried to keep us in has long been opened, so now it’s time to walk out. The only person keeping you hostage in a cage of sin despite the fact that the door has been opened is you.

This April think about all the possible ways to turn your situation around. Who do you have to call? What resources do you need to get your hands on? How often do you have to approach the throne of grace? It’s not the number of steps needed until you reach your destination that matters, but the fact that you start taking them. We have too much power within us to live life lying down! It is not us that makes things happen but our God who moves through us. It is not our might that shakes chains loose but the faith that we put to action. It’s all up to you, will you choose to remind yourself daily of the power that lives within you as a child of God or will you forget your inheritance. Will you trust to believe that your faith in God can change even the craziest situation?

I wish you a Happy Resurrection Sunday, may today be the first day of your life.

Until next time,