Little Black Pearl Dress

The most frustrating thing that can happen to a woman outside of the more obvious things is not knowing what to wear to an event! I like having my outfits identified and laid out far in advance, so the heat is always on whenever an event is around the corner and I’m still clueless about the look I’m going for! But thank God for moms!

This beautiful, well made dress would have gone unnoticed by me if it wasn’t for my sharp-eyed mom. She suggested I get this dress as I frantically skimmed through multiple sub par dresses, but like usually, due to our different tastes, I didn’t really take her suggestion seriously. But after quickly glancing at it, I decided to take a more thorough look. That’s when I saw the back!

You can’t really tell in the pictures, but this regal, high neck dress is backless! But don’t get frightened, the back is lined with pearls so the chic appearance of the dress is not compromised. It allows the person wearing it to feel very classy yet very sexy as well. It’s the perfect length and the zig zag beading in the front compliments the more stomach conscious woman.

It’s far more than a little black dress. It’s a statement piece but most importantly it’s available at such an affordable price. Just be mindful of the pearls when you move about in it, the pearls are a little sensitive! I wore this beauty to a wedding and had an absolutely wonderful time.

Dress Details

My dress was purchased in a size L.