Kicking It Old School

Want to hear a funny story? I’ve actually had this jacket for almost three months now and this is the first time I’m wearing it. I got it at such a discounted price and can honestly say that I purchased it because I loved the aesthetic of it but mostly because it would have been foolish to leave it behind. Now the real funny part is that the even bigger bargain was the necklace!

I went into Walmart one day for some makeup and left with this necklace and two others. I NEVR KNEW WALMART SOLD JEWELRY. Pieces like this would easily be at least fifty dollars at smaller boutiques online. This just goes to say that you’ll never know what gems one can find in the most unlikely places.

I plan on pairing this jacket a few ways but the easiest way was to go ahead and throw a black t-shirt dress under it to show a little bit of my street style. Everything literally fell together as soon as I realized that this dress would bring my jacket to life in a way that it deserves. The statement piece necklace was just bonus.

This year I’m encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and release the fashionista within. Don’t worry about what you might look like or if you’re following the rules. There are no rules in the world of fashion. At least there shouldn’t be. Your style is your style and it’s your gift to the world! The links to the pieces that make up my outfit are available below!

AOutfit Details

Long Black Denim Jacket

Black T-shirt Dress

Taupe Thigh High Boots

Statement Silver Necklace

Reddish Frames