How to keep your skin moisturized this winter!

I will never forget the day I sent my dad a picture of a letter he was looking for only to encounter the insult of life! He replied to me not about the content of the letter, but about how dry my hand looked as I held up the letter. He said and I quote, “mommy, is that your hand?”

Of course I said yes, I mean whose hand would it be? But it wasn’t until I went back to look at the picture that I realized exactly what he was trying to say. My hand looked like it belonged to a person three times my age. It was so dry and lifeless that I felt nothing but shame for even letting things get this bad. Distraught, my dad sent me a list of oils to try. Unfortunately, none of them worked and seemed to just sit on top of the ash that collected between my fingers. So I left the oils and went in search of a nice, thick lotion that would really force the cracking into submission. Below are the top two lotions I use as a remedy for dry skin!

1. Gold Bond Ultimate “Healing” lotion

The hand cream is usually my go to. It actually does more than the light soothing lotions that I usually use during the warmer months. I upgraded from just using this lotion on my hands to using it on my entire body last winter. I definitely saw some improvements in how dry my skin would look and feel after rubbing it in extremely well. Right off the back my skin looked healthier and came to life again!

2. Eucerine “Intensive Repair” Lotion

Use this lotion when everything else fails. It’s VERY thick and creamy and really gets the job done when used generously. If my feet is feeling extra dry and defeated, I would usually reach for this as well as cover them up with a pair of socks to really help preserve the moisture in the morning and at night. Oddly, my hands and my feet always seem to dry out the easiest. The lotion can also be used as an all over body cream but it’s kind of too oily for my back so I avoid rubbing to much in that area since excess oil makes me susceptible to pimples. But it works well for my extremities (i.e. my arms and legs).

Overall, whether you’re a lotion lover or oil wearer, the key is to use the product generously. Body oil personally doesn’t really work for me during the cold season but whenever I need reinforcements, I don’t hesitate to combine the two. I usually look for a nice Vitamin E oil to mix with one of the above lotions of choice.

I hope this post will help you solve your dry skin issues. I don’t know why it’s during this time that my skin feels bold enough to transform into something else but I thank God for access to some powerful remedies!

Until next time,