My Memory Jar!

It’s another new year and everybody is excited at the endless possibilities that await them. Sadly, there is a small group of people who are not as optimistic about the new year. 2017 was a really trying year for them and has left them with negative outlooks about the future. If you are one of the people who finds it hard to count their blessings, here is a way for you to change that.

The picture above is of my jar of memories. These are the many times I believed to have had an encounter with God. The jar is filled with answered prayers and random moments of favor. I used to find it hard to count my blessings because of the difficult things I had to overcome in the past, but having a jar of reminders helps me to remember my history with God. Through out the year, any time I felt defeated or as if I was being ignored by God, I would empty my jar and read the notes inside.

Reading realistic examples of how God has moved in my life would always make me feel better. All the smiley faces and exclamation points would remind me of how excited I was in the moment. I would intentionally find different ways to express myself on paper because I knew my future self would one day come back to read them. And boy was that a great idea! Tear filled eyes would cease to exist and a smile or even a laugh would emerge in its place. Memories of ridiculous sales, encouraging sermons or times when money randomly entered my account would always warm my heart.

So if you doubt whether or not God sees you or even cares for you, create a jar of memories. Get an ordinary jar (I got mine from the dollar store) and wait for God to fill it. Pray that the Holy Spirit helps you identify such moments and moves you to write them down. Encounters with God don’t have to be anything extraordinary so don’t be so knit picky. They can be moments where you receive a random act of kindness or experience once in a while opportunities.

You will be surprised at how much of a factor you are to God when you go back and review your history with Him. So this year do not ponder on all the bad that could potentially happen, instead try your best to see the blessings in each and every moment. You already have a history with God so now it is time to actively keep a record of it. At the end of the year, you should be able to get a glimpse of the goodness of the Lord. And I mean a glimpse because there are some blessings that cannot be recorded because we cannot identify them with our earthly eyes.

Until next time,