Bebidas Houston

It’s been some time since my last tour but I’m excited to share my most recent stop with you all! Bebidas Houston is getting placed on the map for this delicious brown rice bowl that calmed the hunger that seemed to want to ravish my stomach.

The restaurant is extremely hipster-ish and was smaller than I imagined. You could call it Starbucks with a central market kind of vibe. Smoothies and various juices filled their menus and displayed by the cash register is the softest looking brownie and giant cookie that I have seen in a while. I’ve always preferred fresh-baked cookies over the processed chips ahoy kinds so seeing them there brought joy to my eyes. Disclaimer, beware of the price of the chocolate covered brownie, it’s a little on the pricey side.

Now, on to the dish I decided to try. The brown rice bowl consists of chicken breast or curried tofu, avocado, radish, marinated chickpeas, marinated kale, a hardboiled egg and seeds. To be honest,  I love when a plate has different variables that each play a part in bringing the whole meal together. Chickpeas usually find its way onto my salads but this was actually my first time eating a radish. At first glance, it looked very intimidating and the thought of scooping it off crossed my mind. But after mixing all the ingredients together, I could hardly even taste its presence, which was a huge win for me. From taking the first bite, everything on this plate tasted as if it came straight from the farmers market and for one that doesn’t have the best eating habits… this dish really made me feel good about myself.

The brown rice, however, was a little tougher than I’m use to and it sort of threw off the overall taste but hey, you never know what’s out there until you try it. The chicken salad was everything and more. It single handily made the meal what it was… but I could have gone without the celery that added a little crunch to it though. Texture is everything to me so I prefer smooth, creamy textures over dry crunchy ones. The portion size of this dish was VERY generous and for just twelve bucks I think I got my money’s worth.

P.s. I never had a desire for fresh avocados but this dish really had me rethinking my entire life. The dressing that was drizzled on top of these avocado slices might be the one to blame for my new interest in this healthy fruit. I can’t enjoy a healthy meal without it anymore.

Overall, if you’re in the mood for a lifestyle change, then this is the cafe for you. It’s a change in direction from what I’m used to but I’m definitely down for the cause! Check it out when the streets are empty and the sun is shining if you’re interested in really getting the complete experience outside on their patio.

Bebidas Houston

2606 Edloe St, Houston, TX 77027

Cafe Hours

Saturday 7AM–6PM

Sunday 7AM–6PM

Monday 7AM–6PM

Tuesday 7AM–6PM

Wednesday 7AM–6PM

Thursday 7AM–6PM

Friday 7AM–6PM

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