How to pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses!

Sunnies (sunglasses) are really popular in the summer and might not be so important now that it’s cooler outside but hey, it’s never too early to start stocking up on some very appropriate sunglasses. With Black Friday coming up, I thought it be the perfect time to spill the tea on how and where to find the perfect pair for you.

1. Why do I buy them?

In my opinion, every outfit has the potential to be a look. Looks aren’t just achieved with clothing and hairstyles. They’re accomplished through the use of accessories such as sunglasses. You could wear a plain white t-shirt and some ripped jeans but as soon as you throw on an appropriate pair of sunglasses… that boring outfit turns into a look. By appropriate I mean the pair that matches the vibe you’re trying to create. You could go for a rimless cat eye if you’re trying to be ambiguous or a reflective round pair if you’re trying to achieve the boho look.

2. Where do I buy them from?

It’s not hard to come across a pair of sunglasses these days, in fact they’re now being sold at gas stations. A lot of stores are attempting to keep up with the current trends and are therefore selling similar styles if not the same styles. But the biggest difference between them is the price. You can go to Forever21 and find a nice pair for $5.99 then go to an online shop like Misguided and see them for $15. And it’s that reason alone that made me start shopping on eBay. I am a firm believer in affordable fashions. I might have one or two that have been picked up at a clothing store but it’s safe to say that 90% of my collection has been bought on eBay. They have a wide variety of frames and they’re always on top of all the recent trends.

3. How do I know which one is right for me?

I only buy oversized sunglasses. After seeing the difference between a regular pair and a XXL pair, it’s hard to even look at, let alone buy anything less than 55mm anymore. Before I even think about putting a pair in my cart, I THOROUGHLY check the description box and search for a diagram that draws a better picture of exactly how large the frames are. Anything with a lens height less than 55mm gets passed up. Some sellers might say that the shades are oversized but then you look at the description and find out that it’s not. I know you’re probably wondering how I came across this number but it’s purely the product of research. I’ve been collecting sunglasses for far to long to not know a thing or two on how to identify the type that I like.

Ok so that pretty much sums it up. When searching for a dope pair of sunglasses, don’t be afraid to be as specific as you want. In order to get the pair that you see above, I typed in “oversized black rimless reflective sunglasses” in the search engine on eBay. I saw someone wearing it somewhere online and did some research on Pinterest just to see if I liked it enough to buy it. Pinterest will not only tell you its correct name, if it has one, but it will show you how it typically looks on real life people. That’s another big thing! Beware of the pictures the eBay sellers use to market their product. We all know that everything is not always what it seems so be aware of what works for your particular facial structure and read the description box!!

The sunglasses below are all available on eBay.

P.S. Some of these sellers have deals so look for the ones that offer a buy 2 get 1 free deal, click on the link and only shop from that selection if you’d like to get 3 pairs for the price of 2. If I only want one pair than I try to find some that range from $7-$12 and nothing more. You might be able to find some for $1-$2 but those usually take longer to get to you.