Waiting Room Confessionals #1

For some odd reason, I seem to have my deepest thoughts in waiting rooms. Whether it’s waiting to see a doctor or employer, my mind seems to run the most whenever I’m forced to sit down and wait. Today I sat and scrolled through Instagram and realized something. 

I actually don’t know what’s going on in my friend’s lives. They were doing amazing things that I was unaware about and seemed to only be involved in from a far. Usually my first reaction is to be shocked and appalled at the fact that I was not included in such memorable moments haha. But not this time, this time I asked myself how or why I had become so distant. Then I remembered a vlog I watched a while back where the blogger talked about friendships and the importance of “watering them”. 

I thought that was the best thing I’ve heard since my brother’s name got called at his white coat ceremony. Once we realize that relationships are alive and constantly growing, we’ll probably be more intentional with preserving them. We should always do our part to strengthen our relationships in hopes of keeping them healthy. And hopefully the other parties will do the same. However, we should be careful of not trying to exhaust our resources on a relationship that is no longer “living”. 

We are not meant to be close friends with everyone but we are meant to love them. Just because we are not constantly involved in everyone’s life doesn’t mean that we ourselves are bad people. It just means that we have chosen to be more present in the friendships we are apart of and ok with the ones we’re not. Being cordial should not feel like an out blown attack on your pride. Whether you started off cordial or ended up that way, great and powerful friendships often start at the cordial stage. 😊