New Hair Color 

I’ve been trying to enter the color game for some months now but I’ve always been scared to in fear of looking “ghetto”. As African American women, we are told that our skin is too dark for certain hair colors but in 2017, influencers alike are proving that to be false. After some time, here’s how I found a color that compliments my skin tone.

I actually ran into this hair style on accident. With my brother’s white coat ceremony coming soon, I wanted a fresh new look that matched the coastal weather I was going to encounter. After coming up unsuccessful, I ran into a woman who had recommended this hairstyle to me and it was God and a little encouragement from my mom and aunt that helped me to choose this color. 

With this being my first time rocking something other than black, I made the wise decision to get a darker blonde and a lighter blonde in order to achieve an ombré effect. At first I didn’t know how to feel about it once the install began but after getting made up afterwards, I realized how much of a good choice this was. The mix of blondes complimented my skin extremely well. My aunt even stated that out of all the different hairstyles I’ve tried, this one was her favorite thus far. 

So my advice for you is to do some research first.  Pinterest was my best friend as I tried to boost my confidence by exposing myself to more pictures of African American women with different colored hair. I even went to the extent of finding girls with colored hair who had a skin tone that was similar to mine. I also spent countless nights on YouTube for about two months, researching hairstyles that were similar to the one I had in mind.

At the end of the day, I’ve learned that any one can experiment with hair color. It’s all about finding one that compliments your skin tone. Its almost like nude lipsticks on darker skin, you have to find different ways to rock it. You could start with black roots and colored tips if you’re not too confident about a certain color. The sky is honestly the limit when it comes to getting aquatinted with a little color. My blonde locs might not seem like a huge step from black but it definitely required some courage! 🙈