Another Year 💕

Oh another year, another opportunity. Most people don’t know this but my birthday secretly gives me anxiety. Whether it’s trying to plan an amazing celebration or just scrutinizing my progress since my last birthday, I never fail to be on edge this time of year. But I’m changing that now.

As I write this, I’m sitting at my dinning table without makeup on. I know right. I’m not dolled up at some coffee shop trying to live the “blogger life” or driving through the streets looking for a brunch spot. I’m simply resting. And guess what, this is what I need. I realized awhile ago that what I needed this birthday is peace. And that’s what I got. There’s nothing better (to me) than sitting and writing a blog post with fresh stew being made in the kitchen. 

Birthdays are meant to be special. They should never be overlooked or unappreciated. I mean, I’m alive to grow another year older. There are people who aren’t so lucky. Shoot, I’ve heard of people passing ON THEIR BIRTHDAY. But that will not be my portion or yours. My prayer is that I start to see the beauty in my birthday. Not as a reason to turn up but as a reason to be grateful. I am not the same person I was last year and I am thankful. I got the opportunity to celebrate with a bunch of beautiful souls and I will have that opportunity again tomorrow because I’m celebrating my birthday all weekend baby! I’m so thankful because I can’t even imagine how heart breaking it is for God to watch me doubt Him time and time again only for Him to turn around and bless me yet again. Can you imagine trying to please someone who is never grateful? It’s not exactly the happiest thing anyone wants to experience. But that’s what makes God, God. He loves unconditionally. He gives as easily as he takes away and that’s ok. 

I’ve learned that it’s ok to take the road least taken. It’s ok to do things big one day and keep it simple the next. It’s ok to be a corporate professional on Monday and a unicorn on Friday. It’s ok to be yourself.  I actually realized that I come off as someone who likes to do a lot but to your surprise, I truly find the sweetest pleasures in the little things. Whether it’s having my mom cut a mango for me haha or laying flat across my couch after a long day, there’s no place I’d rather be than in those moments.

Another year, another opportunity. I pray this upcoming year will be full of wonders. Shoot, I know it will be because I know my God. Each and everyday is a new adventure when you put your life in His hands. There are things that you might have to go through that seem crazy at the moment, but trust me, it’s happening for a reason. What some people fail to see is that the journey begins each and everyday. You can never outgrow growth. We will never truly know the extent of who we are because we never stop developing. So don’t worry if you find yourself constantly evolving. Don’t be hard on yourself for no longer desiring to do what you used to do or be who you used to be. It’s all apart of the process. Trust it and keep it moving. ❤️