Atlanta Taught Me

Learning life lessons can be really hard sometimes, but thank God this time I didn’t have to cry as I learned them! Now getting to the heart of the matter, here are the five lessons I learned during my weekend in Atlanta. 😄 

To begin, you’d be surprised how rejuvenating much-needed time away can be. I recommend that you constantly take some time off to regroup. Whether it’s traveling to a new country, city or down the street, we all need some alone time in an unfamiliar place. And I say an unfamiliar place because often our horizons just need to be broadened a little before things start making sense. Now please, don’t go running to the unknown because Embler told you to, use wisdom and choose your destination wisely! 

1. There’s a reward in being selfless 

I wouldn’t even have gotten the opportunity to visit Atlanta if I didn’t agree to go to my mom’s people’s convention with her. Upon arrival , I wasn’t really in to it, I just wanted to go and roam the city. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit reminded me of why I was even there and gave me the grace to put my feelings aside for the sake of ensuring that my mom would have a great time. We tend to only have one perspective on things but it’s time to start looking at life from a different lens. It might not seem like much, but being surrounded by her old friends and family members really made her happy. I too ended up having a lot of fun reconnecting with some old friends and even met a couple new people too!

2. Stop Rushing 

Like I mentioned earlier, even though we went for a convention, my blogger heart kept wanting to explore the city. I wanted to get on the train and start vlogging my time around town, but of course the convention was nowhere near the main city. My brother and I had to plot out how to make this twenty-minute drive into the city without too much backlash. The process itself took forever but that’s why patience is key. My brother was able to reach out to an old friend and even figured out how to tour around Atlanta’s midtown in the most affordable way possible. In the end not only did I get to tour around like I wanted to, but the train ride from college park to midtown was really affordable and we didn’t have to spend any money trying to get around peach street because of that same friend that we reached out too. 

3. Invest in a community 

My brother has very few people he calls friends but when I tell you that these people aren’t just simple people! When he told me that we were meeting up with one of his friends from Notre Dame, I thought it would be a freshly out of school young man who just moved into the city and has managed to learn his way around enough to show us around. Little did I know that his friend would be this amazing young man who’s lived here for a couple of years and has made a way for himself. His apartment honestly shook me! I thought I came into this city knowing good things but I was quickly proven wrong. 

Mike’s desire to make sure I get the perfect shots for my blog is what really got me. As we drove around in his luxurious car, I wondered to myself what was really going on? Why was he doing this for me? Why did he care whether or not I left the city with good content? Why was he using up his gas taking us around the town like somebody’s Uber driver? It wasn’t long that I realized that this is what Preston and his friends do. They not only wish to see each other succeed but their love for each other extends past their immediate group to friends and family. And that’s what a good community consists of. Kind hearted people who are willing to run this race with you while ensuring that you reach the finish line. That is what I pray that we all get. I want to form a community of people who share the same heart as I do. A community that I can give my heart to without fear of them rejecting it.

4. Anything is possible with God

As I stared at the view of Mike’s beautiful apartment, I had no other desire than to thank God. I was face to face with one of my dreams. An apartment that exuded both elegance and style. An apartment with a view that stretches across the city. Don’t even get me started on the magic that the interior designer must have. The way this apartment was decorated… nothing short of beautiful. The furnishings I assume perfectly match the personality of the people who inhabit the living space. 

If you had told me that I was going to be face to face with a lifestyle that could only be imagined in my dreams, I wouldn’t have believed you. “How did I get here?”, I asked myself as we rode around the city. I’ve always dreamed of living in a place with floor to ceiling windows but in the depths of my heart, I started to believe that I probably wouldn’t end up getting them. I’m guessing God knew that I was losing grip so He quickly came down to remind me. Everything from the security system you go through before entering or leaving the apartment, to the city view from the balcony, to the tastefully selected black Mercedes-Benz that parked in the finely designed garage screamed God’s goodness. This was the day I learned that manifested dreams can someday become reality. 😭

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover 

Lastly, I learned that in your day-to-day life, you’ll probably only often see the cover of a book. It’s after you get to read the contents of the pages behind it that you realize how much you’ve been missing. As a whole, we form opinions about people from the limited information we are given, but sometimes our opinions can be wrong. We see people and judge them because we are taught to treat them differently, but this past weekend I got the chance to get an insight into how other people live. It makes me sad to think that there are good people who are mistreated because of the lifestyle decisions they choose to make. Nonetheless, there’s some things I can’t approve of but despite the fact, I’m still going to choose to love. None of us can judge anyone without being judged ourselves, so let’s stop doing it. Let’s learn to pray for people more than we convict them. 

To wrap things up, I want you to remember that there’s beauty everywhere. Don’t be afraid to move if God has called you to move. God’s blessings are found in unexpected places all around us. You never know what wonderful adventures await you in another city. Always put your best foot forward, don’t try half heartedly because you never know where your efforts and a little favor can take you. 

Surround yourself with people who make your dreams seem real and always pour love into those around you. And don’t give up on the vision that God has given you. Most importantly, know that there’s nothing new under the sun. Your dream more than likely already exist somewhere. You just have to find it, better yet, bring it to you. 😎