The Palm Life 

It’s barely mid June and the heat has already declared war on my makeup. My shirt however takes me to a better place. It makes me feel as if I’m on vacation on a cool beach somewhere. Not only is it very vibrant and trendy, but it was also purchased at a very reasonable price. And you won’t believe where I found these shorts! 

The green hues makes my skin look so vibrant and the fringe shorts definitely adds character to the overall look (scroll down to the bottom to see where I got my shorts from). Of course heels were a must but like I said before, I had to trade in the stiletto heel life for a more practical chunky heel. Which in the end was an excellent decision since I wanted this to be a more casual look.

And can you believe for the first time ever, I’m barely wearing any jewelry?!  I was going to pair this outfit with a very major statement necklace but the idea of the metal sticking to my bare skin made me cringe so I opted out of it. 

But it’s funny how much of an accessory a person’s hair can be. Something about this particular hairstyle really took this overall look to another level. To be honest, I don’t think I would have achieved this overall effect if I had any other hairstyle.

Also, as you move about trying to pair pieces, pay attention to which colors look the best when placed together. I could have easily worn this top with denim shorts but I’m glad I didn’t. The green stands out more against black while the fringe on the hem of the shorts keeps the busy top from overpowering it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items until the desired look is achieved. 

I know when looking at the overall look you’d think I just threw pieces together but there’s so much more than that, styling is an under appreciated form of art

You can bet that this pinkish nude, soft matte liquid lipstick from NYX will be making plenty more appearances on my blog.  I know summer is the season of bright lips but I just love my nudes! 😍

Be on the look out for more posts that explain my reasons for pairing certain looks together!

      Outfit Details 

  • Palm tree top : H&M
  • Fringe shorts : Walmart
  • Heels : Charlotte Russe
  •  Shades : Shoe Deal