The Cupcake ATM

I finally made it to The Cupcake ATM! Let me tell you how God works!😭

I wasn’t expecting to ever take a picture here today. For some time now, I’ve talked about how I desired to come here with friends one day. A year later, here I am! One day had turned into today.  

We came to this area in search of places to have my photo shoot. It was a completely new environment for us so we excitedly scanned the area as we drove around. After seeing some potential spots to shoot, I randomly looked over to see what was sold in this brightly colored building that suddenly appeared in my peripheral. I screamed so dramatically that my brother got mad! hahaha

He didn’t understand how crucial this was for me. To see a “dream” manifest in front of my very eyes was so overwhelming! As expected, I walked up, took a picture and then proceeded to place my order. It was the best day of my life. Ok no it wasn’t but it was pretty close. 

This is actually a perfect example of how we sometimes forget about the certain things we desire to do because life gets in the way. For one reason or another they are no longer at the forefront of our minds. Not every dream will be manifested like this one was so we should never get complacent. It’s our ability to be proactive that will determine whether or not our dreams actually do come true. 

Above on the left side is the upside down pineapple cupcake that I ordered and on the right is the traditional red velvet cake that my brother requested. They also had the sugar less red velvet cake but my brother wasn’t having that. lol

The total came out to be less than $6 and the steps were extremely easy.  So if you’re ever in a town with a cup cake machine, make sure you stop by! If not for the cupcake then at least for the experience.