Nu Cafe | SLTRestaurantTour

Can you believe this is shaved ice???  Who thinks of creating deserts like this? I was skeptical about this because of its odd appearance and potentially odd texture. Fortunately, my assumptions proved to be false. I definitely recommend trying this place and here’s why!

The “ice” was delicious! It didn’t even taste like shaved ice but what is shaved ice anyway?? It was creamier than ice cream but denser than the fluffy snow cones that I love so much.

When you go up to order, they give you a piece of paper with all the ingredients that they offer so you can build your own desert. There’s two sizes with the one in the picture above being the bigger one. 

We chose to have the green tea with condensed milk drizzled on top. And for our toppings we went for the healthier option and chose to have our shaved ice with mangos and strawberries. It took us literally forever to make a decision since you’re stuck with whatever you created once it’s made but thankfully the desert itself was under $8! 

The ambiance was pretty cool. The restaurant was decorated with vibrant colors and lights which went well with their rich colored menu wall. Their staff was young and semi-friendly but their customer service could have been a little better.

Regardless, If you ever find yourself in Houston and in need of something to do, why not check out the Bellaire area aka “Houston’s China Town”. There are tons of wonderful restaurants like the Nu Cafe to pick from. If you’re a people watcher like me you’ll have a great time in this area. 😉