Beverly Hills

Can someone take me to Beverly Hills please?! This area looked very similar to some parts of California. The palm trees, sunshine and lavish cars had me in a daze! I thought to myself, “so this is how it feels like to have good things”? You’d be surprised at how how aesthetically different some areas in Houston are from each other. 

I wonder if they mirrored the aesthetic of this place to the well known luxurious area. The street side looked the best with the absence of cars. As soon as the light turned green I was reminded of the fact that I was still in Houston. 🙃

The hustle and bustle of these Houston streets once it’s 5’oclock definitely won’t be missed. But It’s ok, my time will come someday. I too will be walking the strips in heels that weren’t made for walking!








        Outfit Details 

  • Kimono : Ross 
  • Creme top : Forever 21
  • Distressed Shorts : Ross
  • Grey heels : Shoe Deal
  • Silver necklace: Forever 21
  • Shades : Agaci