Return of the Puff

In all honesty, it’s ok to release your inner naturalista. For years I’ve shied away from natural looks or even wearing my hair out in any kind of way, but enough is enough. Yes we might have that one hairstyle that kills every time but that doesn’t mean we should be bound to it. I had to learn to embrace what God gave me. And in a way, it freed me. 

Life is too long to live with boring hair.

With hair comes style and how you choose to show off your hair speaks much about you. You can tell a lot about a person by their ability to courageously dye their hair different colors. I’ve definitely been playing it safe all my life so now I’m itching for a change. My hair might look normal now but of course nothing lasts forever! 😉

Since my outfit was made up of earthy tones and neutrals, I decided to add a pop of color on my neck and wrist in order to brighten up the overall look. I could have paired this look with a bright statement bag, but that would mean that the look wouldn’t be complete unless that bag was in my hand at all tomes. What if I didn’t want to carry it everywhere? These are the thoughts I have whenever I’m trying to put an outfit together.


 It’s not the outfit that makes you. It’s you that makes the outfit. 


Outfit Details 

  • Off the shoulder top : Forever 21
  • Wide leg pants : Agaci
  • Heels : Shoe Deal
  • Accessories : Harwins