Your Style.



Your style is unique to you. No one else has it. No one else can copy you. It’s a complicated mix of your heart and mind. It’s as one of a kind as you are. But how does one discover their style?

You would have to first look at all the trends you’re in to. I do this by looking through all the outfits I screenshot on IG or pin to my boards on Pinterest. What makes me like these specific looks? Is it the outfit itself or is it the person wearing it? Is it their hair or the way they do their makeup? These are the questions that I asked myself so many times before.

After periods of non stop analyzing, I realized that I don’t have a particular style. I can be edgy today and boho tomorrow. It all depends on my mood to be honest. I am in love with oversized band tees and creepers but I also adore black leather shorts and white structured tops. Sometimes I like to go big or go home with colorful jewelry and other times I can be seen wearing simple pearl earrings and a thing gold cuff bracelet. 

Despite what you might think, no style is particularly the same. I know I’m fooled by the illusion that some bloggers on IG put on. But do they really dress like this in real life? Is their closets only really composed of grey, white and black clothing? Are they really even minimalistic? For some yes but for most no. 

In regards to me, I like to keep it real. I can say that I don’t always dress in a way that I want to and that’s simply because I can’t afford my style yet. If it was up to me I’d be wearing palazzo pants while chilling at the house, but I have to be realistic. Those pants aren’t always affordable (especially the ones I like). They’re usually very dramatic and made of high quality material. They’re also usually five hundred dollars too. 

But until I’m able to really find “my style” , I’m going to continue to be intentional when shopping. There has to be a point in your life where you ask yourself why am I buying this? Is this building up the closet of my dreams or am I just purchasing it because it’s on sale? Do you even have a visual of what the closet of your dreams looks like?

Sometimes we try to force the style. We want to like these type of clothes but we find ourselves wearing these type of clothes. Where’s the disconnect? What is keeping you from styling yourself in a way that makes you happy? Is it careless shopping trips to the mall or insufficient funds? Whatever it may be, you have to identify it.  There has to be a reason behind why your preferred taste in clothes doesn’t match your reality.  This might not seem like an important subject but style is everything to me. It’s a form of speaking without ever having to say a word. It’s empowering.