Everything Everything | #MovieReview

To begin, I’m a huge fan of love stories. But I’m a bigger fan of love stories with plot twists! The love that was shared between these two young adults was absolutely beautiful. It was somewhat whimsical. It re-awoken the hopeless romantic in me and here’s why.

I’ve always loved Disney movies and the fact that in the end the Princess always got her Prince. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like that in real life. For some, their Prince leaves them and for others their Prince never comes. And the older we get, the more we see the “broken” love story and not enough of the “fairytale” love story. 

But why should love be considered a fairytale? I personally believe that the Gospel is the best love story of them all. Where in history have you seen a deity come down from His glory to die for the sins of His people? I mean hello come on now. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t made a movie about that. But that’s besides the point of this post. 

Everything, everything reminded me of the young love I used to believe in. A type of love I figured no longer existed. Yes the movie definitely had some parts that were absolutely absurd, parts that seemed more fictional than real but the overall lesson I got from it is this…

1. Love makes you crazy

If I’ve never believed it, I definitely believe it now. I know we’ve all heard of the things people do for love or even remember the things that we ourselves did, but this girl here is another story. Her mom is a another story also! Can you imagine going to the lengths her mom went to for someone you care about? The ability to completely change your life in hopes of being able to preserve another life is amazing to me. But than again you could ask yourself whether or not the mom’s crazy was fueled by love or selfishness. I probably wouldn’t have even done half of what Maddie or her mom did but hey, I’ve never been put in that situation so who really knows. 

2. Love is Not Circumstantial 

I honestly used to think that there’s a limit to a human’s love for their mate and that love is circumstantial. But than that would mean that the vows that are taken during a wedding ceremony mean nothing. And that’s simply not true. For better or for worse signifies that love should never be circumstantial. In sickness and in health means just that. We don’t know what awaits us tomorrow but we need to be guaranteed that the love of our life will always be there. There are people who marry the loves of their life only for them to pass away soon after. Shoot there are people who get married in the hospital! Love can do a number of things so it should never be underestimated. 

3. Love lessons life’s blows

It’s natures way of helping people heal. Feeling loved to the point where you no longer wallow at your current circumstance is a blessing that everyone should witness whether it’s coming from a spouse, friend or family member. The love that we receive and give away should always be worth having. I honestly cherish the nurses and physicians who go the extra mile to care for their patients and to give them peace of mind. For some love might not come from the people it’s suppose to come from so it’s crucial that we do our part and love each other like God loves us. 

4. Some Risks Are Worth Taking

I really shouldn’t even be talking about this because risks make me queasy. But throughout the movie I wondered what would life be like if I took more risks? Than I thought about the outcomes of these potential risks and if they were worth taken in the first place. Life can get extremely boring if you find yourself going through the same old routine over and over again so why not change it up sometimes? Not all risks are life threatening and some can prove to be blessings in disguise but it all depends on your perspective. It’s definitely advised to use wisdom when taking a “risk”. 

Even though the African in me is saying what kind of nonsense movie is this, the hopeless romantic in me can’t hope but want to find a love like this. I’d love to figure out if love at first sight is really exists. Society tries its best to disprove it but I believe that the earth itself is the perfect example of the fact that science doesn’t have the answers to everything. I just hope the love that God will bless me with one day doesn’t make me crazy. I’m definitely not as bold as Maddie was in this movie. 

Lastly, I realize that it’s important to not take anything for granted. We hear of people with autoimmune disorders but never think of how different life is for them. I hope I never know how it feels to not be able to go outside or hang out amongst a group of people but I sympathize for those who do. I’m thankful for the freedom to be able to go wherever my heart desires and I pray that those who can’t somehow find peace about their situation.

If you’re into movies like LaLa Land and the Notebook than you should definitely go and watch this movie. If you’re still skeptical about it either wait until T-Mobile Tuesdays so you can get your movie ticket discounted or go see a matinée. Either way you won’t have to pay full price for a ticket to see it so what do you really have to lose? 🙂