Red Florals 🌺

When life treats you right, all you can do is smile. Now it seems like the joy from within is literally spewing out because I keep seeing God’s goodness. Constant reminders of His existence has forced me to stop worrying about tomorrow because it’s really not for me to worry about.

Time and time again I am reminded of the fact that God not only sees me but knows the desires of my heart. His strong presence is what helps me get up every morning with a heart for adventure. This dress is definitely a product of that, it’s far off from the typical plain color dresses i’ve become used to. Though red looks great on my skin, I’ve never had much of it in my closet. I’ve been trying to feed my urge to step out of the box but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. 

I randomly came across it as I was picking up another dress and like most beautiful love stories, it was love at first site. The cut off shoulder trend seems to me a staple in my closet that will probably never disappear right along with the tie up heel. I would say that my whole closet is made up of both of these two pieces. 

And of course I had to throw on some accessories so that I can really feel polished. The green bag accentuates the green on the floral prints without completely overwhelming the entire look. I believe that matching isn’t exactly a bad thing when done subtly. And of course why leave the house without a sleek pair of sunnies? I mean hello it is sunny outside. 😝







Outfit Details

Dress : Ross

Heels : Shoe Deal (Harwins)

Bag : H&M

Necklace : Mom’s 

Shades : Ebay