Don’t ever give up!

Have you ever reached a point where you felt like COMPLETELY giving up? Have you ever worked so hard on a paper only for it to get deleted somehow and I mean THE WHOLE ENTIRE THING? Have you ever wanted to just throw in the towel because it seemed like the whole entire universe was against you? Well did you forget that there’s a God that is still on the throne? Did you also forget that there’s a being out there whose purpose is to kill, steal and destroy? You cannot let the devil win. You cannot give in because in reality, it’s when you feel like giving up that your breakthrough is already on its way. 

Last week at work, we spent hours brainstorming, trying to figure out why a marketing strategy wasn’t working. We changed the font, added and subtracted images, filled up spaces, etc. But it was when we made our final attempt that all our work disappeared. Right before our eyes, the write-up that we just spent the last two and a half hours working on was nowhere to be seen. Of course like most people I was past done but guess what, my boss wasn’t. 

He looked back at us and asked do you know what’s going on? And of course we looked at him and said “ummm, no”. But that’s when he told us that something big was about to happen. He went on to explain that when he was younger when mishaps like this would happen, he would get up and say “you know what, just forget it” and walk away leaving what ever task he was working on unfinished.  But now that he’s older, he’s come to the realization that the devil tries his best to attack you when he knows you’re on the door step of a breakthrough. 

It’s when things are beginning to line up that you face the most ludicrous challenges. So despite how you might “feel” about your life, situation, partner, etc, NEVER GIVE UP! Keep pushing through the storm. Focus on the fact that God is not dead, he’s surely alive. He’s fighting the battles that you cannot see.  The ones that you are not equipped for. The ones that you very well didn’t even know existed.

Many people sleep on the idea of spiritual warfare but trust me darling, it’s as real as you and me. Don’t be defeated by the fickleness of your feelings. Take heart in knowing that there is a reward at the end of this battle. Know that you are and always will be on the winning team. Like God said to Abraham when Sarah laughed at the idea of having a child at her old age, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (refrence scripture Genesis : 18:8-14)

Is there any challenge He cannot help you overcome? Have you not walked away from situations that threatened to send you running for the hills? Are you not currently somehow making it as we speak? Then why give up now? Where would you be if you had let the waves of life throw you overboard? Are you in the same place you were five years ago? No, you’re not, so don’t you dare think about giving up now. God gives dreams to those he feels are able manifest them. He doesn’t expect you to bring them about through your limited power so don’t think you’re in this alone. You’re almost there! Don’t worry, God is going to make sure he finishes the good work that he started within you. (Philippians 1:6) You’re not done yet.