It is well. | #BackToTheVillage

Nigeria taught me many things, but the overall lesson seemed to be this. 

No nation is perfect. Countless discussions with my brother, cousins and friends have proved this to be true. But no matter how dysfunctional a country might be, in the end one thing is for certain, it is well. 

Majority of the people here can’t do much about their circumstances, but that doesn’t keep them from carrying on. I’ve seen people who have only eaten once that day still crack a smile. I’ve seen people who make less than what converts to five dollars a day still put money in the offering plate. 

In fact the same people who they themselves are struggling, still know that there are others who are struggling more. An awareness that provokes them to consistently give to the poor. 

In the village you are taught to look after one another. You are taught to persevere no matter how much your government frustrates you. You are taught to use your head to make ends meet. But most of all you are taught that despite the oppression, it is well with your soul.

What can cause such a frustrating country to remain at peace within themselves? God of course. Their belief in God is what allows most of them to accept their current circumstance while striving to better it. 

Have you ever looked at that which gives you headaches and say it is well? Can you imagine not being able to make enough to feed your family but still in your heart believe that it is well? Is it even possible?

Yes, yes it is. The only difference between a person that is always enraged and a person at peace is perspective. You can either frustrate your self more over an already defeating situation or you can put everything in God’s hands and maintain your peace as you think of ways to better your situation.

Don’t ever think you have to accept an unfavorable circumstance with no intention of bettering it. But you shouldn’t react to it as the unwise do. Instead you should acknowledge that as of now, this is your reality, then take the steps needed to either change it or improve it. What is your perspective like on your current situation? What have you done to persevere through it? What have you done to change or better it? Choose today to say it is well. 

With God on your side it will always be well. 

Until next time,

Embler 💋