Moi Moi! | #BackToTheVillage

My heart’s desire! Man Nigeria really treated me well! Do you know what this is? Well if you don’t, i’m going to tell you about it!

Moi Moi is another meal that is native to Nigeria. No Nigerian function is complete without it. It’s the perfect consistency that fulfills without making you feel as if you’ve over indulged. Trust me it tastes better than it looks!

Like Akara, it’s a dish centered on the use of beans. But it’s crazy because your taste buds hardly detects the presence of beans! However, unlike Akara, moi moi takes a little bit longer to make. And you don’t ever want to rush the process because it can affect your end result.

Every Nigerian dish is made with care in order for to keep the delicate balance of its natural flavor. The interesting part of this dish is its shape. Moi Moi usually comes in a slanted pyramid shape or a cylindrical shape, because it adapt to the container it is poured into prior to cooking. The pyramid shape comes from the traditional broad “ewe eran” or banana leaves. After the moi moi batter is seasoned and garnished, the liquid is poured into the leaves, which is then folded.

Once placed in its mold, it is placed in a large pot about a tenth filled with water. The water is the source of steam that cooks the MoiMoi. MoiMoi is eaten alone or with bread as a snack, with rice as a meal. I ran into it during my visit to the Imo State passport office in Owerri. A local woman was selling it out of a huge container so my mom was very skeptical but of course I took it upon myself to try it and boy oh boy it was delicious. So delicious that I ended up buying ten so I could eat some today and the next day for breakfast.

if you’re interested in trying this dish, head over to your local Nigerian restaurant for an authentic version of it. If one is not available in your location, feel free to click on the link below for instructions on how to make it yourself!