Be Authentic.

No two people are driven by the same thing. For some money drives them and for others it might be purpose. For other it might be the desire to make the world a better place. But what happens when you lose sight of the bigger picture?

What is authenticity? It is the quality of being authentic. The ability for one to be true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

These days, you see a lot of people/companies losing their authenticity. People are moving away from the values that made them who they are for the price of fame. Companies are moving away from the audiences they once catered to and are selling their empires for a good price. But why?

Since when is selling out worth it? It’s one thing to add to what you already have without compromising your core values. But it’s another thing to completely dilute pillars that made up your foundations. If you’re known for catering to natural hair then cater to natural hair. Don’t try to take away from the time and detail that is put into your products because you want to start catering to other kinds of hair. Start something new. Build an empire around the other types of hair. Open up your market in a way that doesn’t take attention from the projects that have made a name for you. 

Don’t ruin your credibility by moving too far from what you know. With so many buy outs occurring, our authenticity is all that we have. We must remain true to ourselves no matter how great the temptation. We must remember why we do the things that we do and never stray from it.