Priorities : Do You Know What Yours Are?

Priorities are the things that require our attention now. If ignored , they can bring about unwanted consequences. But how do you know what yours are? Well finding out is simpler than you think, you just have to ask yourself the right questions.

Question 1 : Does this thing/person need my attention now or can it be put off until tomorrow?

Bills for example are what I would consider to be a priority.Not paying them or ignoring them can bring about very unfavorable consequences. Not paying for your light bill would result in you not having any lights in your home. Disregarding your phone bill would mean that you won’t be making any calls anytime soon. And forgetting your car note could potential put you in a situation where you walk outside and your car is gone. 😅 

Another priority would be your family. Giving them the attention they need is crucial if you’re goal is to have a happy and healthy home. You don’t ever want to ignore someone you love or make them feel as if time with them is not important. You also don’t want to postpone opportunities to make precious memories for irrelevant reasons either. These past two examples are  commonly labeled as priorities because a majority of the population will drop everything they’re doing to make sure they are taken care of. But if you’re one of those few people who are blessed to not have to pay any bills or care for a household, as of now, than where do your priorities lie?

Question Two : Is this person/thing  that seems to come first in my life helping to better me in any way or form?

I am such a big advocate for not wasting time. I always ask myself, “If I don’t have to work to pay bills then what am I working for?” Is this job a priority or should it come second to what I really should be doing? Is this event a priority or should I be present somewhere else? If you’re working somewhere that is not exactly your dream job and you’re not working there in order to pay bills or for the ability to make a purchase you’ve been longing for, or even for anything important, than what are you doing there or with your money? God definitely has a plan for us and every opportunity we’ve been given has already been ordained long before we were even born. But are we ignoring the desire in our heart to make moves? Is comfortability more of a priority to you right now?

Are you working to be able to pay for the entrance exam and application fees needed to go back to school? Are you working to invest in some equipment that will ultimately help you get closer to where you ultimately want to be? Is traveling your priority right now? Is self development your priority right now?  Have you sat down and had this conversation with yourself?

Whatever your motivation might be, don’t compare it to the people next to you. Just because getting a job is not a priority to you right now doesn’t mean you should be judged for it. Just because traveling is a priority for you right now should not bring about disapproving looks. And the same goes for people who have bills to pay and family to take care of. Having responsibilities doesn’t mean you put yourself or your happiness on the back burner. Being able to clearly identify that these are the things you should be doing now is a gift that keeps on giving. You’ll save so much time, money and effort if you choose to take care of that which is important first. And if you don’t really know if what youre doing now should be a priority or not yet, sit down with God.

A relationship with God should be the main priority because everything we do flows through that. We will continue to struggle with everyday tasks if we refuse to get into the word daily. A lot of knowledge lies within those pages. God desires to reveal so much to us but we have to take the time to aknowledge His presence in our life. 

Life is too demanding to not know what currently needs your attention. Stretching yourself too thing because everything seems to need your time is detrimental to your health(which should also be a priority of yours). Identify what’s of importance to you and stand by it. Don’t allow yourself to be coerced into carrying someone else’s needs as your own. I mean how can you help someone accomplish their tasks if you haven’t even touched yours? It’s like spending all of your time helping your friend get into school when your applications still all say incomplete. Are you both partaking on this admissions journey together or are you just ignoring your own priorities? It’s time to get wiser, we must take advantage of every opportunity given to us to take care of our priorities now.