Be Wine Fine This Valentines Day

Your Valentines Day look shouldn’t have to cause you too much trouble. This fix up is exactly what I had in mind! Both glam AND affordable, this look definitely had me feeling like I was actually going somewhere. I wish I could see your facial expression once you find out where some of these pieces really came from! 😜

No matter what you wear, your confidence is what will really determines how great  you look this Valentine’s Day. Don’t force yourself into something that wasn’t made for your body type. Don’t become someone that you’re not just to win the approval of others. Step out the box in a way that doesn’t compromise who you are and see that you’ll look SO much more eye catching! Find a color that compliments you and go for it! I definitely wasn’t trying to spend too much on this look so finding this dress for just $15 was absolutlely amazing!   

It’s crazy how this necklace took my outfit from simple cute to glam! I have my days where I don’t want to do too much but then I remember that some units need to be taken up a notch. And guess what? The necklace only cost me $10!!! Never sleep on the potential to find pieces like this in unexpected places. Walmart has definitely been trying to hold their own in this growing age of fashion.

These heels too were a special buy! I don’t know if you’ve peeped DDs Discounts before but I definitely plan to check them out more often. These babies are definitely giving big name shoe companies a run for their money!

I hope this post gave you an idea of how easy putting together an outfit can be. It all depends on you and the type of look you’re trying to achieve.  This whole unit is composed of three important variables that ultimately came together perfectly! If you’re kind of lazy like me, go ahead and choose a dress over trying to match a nice top with cute bottoms. Trust me, you don’t need the headache. Valentines Day should be less about what you where and more about showing love to the people around you!


Outfit Details
  • Dress :  Charlotte Russe
  • Heels : DDs Discounts
  • Necklace : Walmart