Baby It’s Cold Outside 

I really do appreciate the cool weather that we get sometimes. Even though it’s not consistent, it really is refreshing. You know what, sometimes the most valuable way to recharge and become more efficient is taking time to refresh your mind and body. Just like a cool breeze across your cheek can awaken you, some time off can really soothe your spirit.

This yellow sweater definitely does that for me. The color brightens up my mood and the texture feeds my hunger for comfort in regards to the clothes I wear.

Like always, you can never go wrong with including accessories for the purpose of taking a normal everyday outfit to another level. There’s something about this vintage looking bag that makes this sweater and legging combo look a lot more jazzy.

Throw on some dressy shoes for a more put together affect. You really don’t have to try much when it comes to being stylish, the key is to have those pieces that pretty much do the work for you. 😁

Don’t forget about your statement pieces. Everyone woman should have a statement necklace for the days where they don’t feel like putting much effort into how they look. Whether it’s a plain tee or a graphic tee, a necklace like this can fool the world into thinking you know what you’re doing lol!

I’m all, this shoot definitely helped me realize how amazing creation can look behind a lense. Although it’s great to marvel at the grandness that is life, we must never forget to first acknowledge the creator and the love He put into all of this! He is the reason why we have all that we have.
Outfit Details

Sweater: Forever 21

Blue top: Forever 21

Leggings: Forever 21

Peep Toe Booties : Shoe Deal

Bag : borrowed from a friend

Necklace: H&M

Shades: Forever 21