Coat Weather 

Funny story, I almost missed out on this mustard yellow beauty!

It was December of 2015, my two friends and I decided to go to the mall one evening. We walked into Forever 21 where I immediately locked eyes on this gorgeous coat! As usual, I immediately reached for my wallet but was stopped when one of my friends reminded me that I did not come hear for a coat. Agreeing with her (at the time) , I decided to leave the coat there.

Three days later, I find myself at the same mall again in search for that same coat but IT WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN. I immediately started regretting not buying it the first time. I thought of every outfit that I could’ve launched with it as I headed towards the door. BUT THAT’S WHEN GOD CAME THROUGH! I don’t know how my eyes zoomed up on it since it was akwardly placed behind a ton of clothes on a random clothes rack.

Holding my breath, I prayed that it was my size. Shoot, even if it wasn’t I probably still would have purchased it. And behold, it was! The dance I did in that store… hmm only God knows how much I wanted this coat.

So the moral of the story is, even though going home and sleeping on a potential purchase is a good idea…it’s better to return it than to regret not buying. Deep in your heart, you know the difference between an impulse buy and an OMG buy. But use discernment when your friends try to give you there opinion about the matter. At the end of the day, who will you bame if you miss out on that purchase or worse, see someone else with it?

The coat definitely transforms the look from edgy to chic. It is aesthetically pleasing and manages to keep you warm when exposed to the harsh elements.

You probably can’t tell but this coat comes with a very spacious hood. Even though my hair is currently covering it up, it really comes in handy on those really cold and windy days.

I don’t know about you but my upper body gets cold quicker than my lower body. That’s how I’m able to still wear jeans that are ripped at the knees and peep toe booties in the winter. 😁

Outfit Details

  • Coat : Forever 21
  • Top : Ross Stores
  • Bottoms : Ross Stores
  • Boots : Shoe Deal (local Houston shoe store)
  • Necklace : Forever 21
  • Bag : Aldo