Apartment Style 

I’ve always wanted a “grown and sexy” apartment. I even sometimes go and tour some in hopes that the gates of heaven will open in my favor. But of course, they don’t, and I sadly drive back to my father’s house. 😂

But one day, God willing, I will have my own place. I will be able to make moves  and sleep in as I please. I will be able to stay up all night watching movies without being called a wizard by my mother. I will be able to twirl in my walk-in closet even though it will be filled to capacity. But then again I stop to ask myself, am I even ready for that responsibility? Do I want to re-live the mini heart attacks I used to get when I forgot that it was the first of the month? Do I want to start paying for water AND cable?? Mmmm no I’ll pass. At least for now. 😁

Outfit Details

  • Jacket : Forever 21 (On sale for $10!)
  • Dress : Ross
  • Boots : Shoe Deal (local Houston Store)
  • Choker : Just In (local Houston Store)
  • Bag : H&M