Post Grad Chit Chat : When the graduation high ends.

As the clock runs out on your collegiate career, a whirlwind of emotions begin to rise from within you. You think of all the memories you’ve made with the few friends you’ve managed to meet along the way. You laugh at all the L’s you took forcing moves that did not need to be made. You’re hopefully looking into the future at all the opportunities that awaits you. The time comes, dinner reservations have been arranged, your outfit has finally come together, your cap is gleaming from all the work you put into it, family is in town and you can’t help but anticipate the stage that awaits you. The day has come! Your future is almost here, but wait,  you’ve failed to learn about the responsibilities that awaits you.

You come back home expecting everything to fall in place beautifully. But unfortunately, the only thing that falls are tears. You all of a sudden return to a home that you barely recognize. The people are different, the ambiance is different and life as you knew it has changed. You don’t have the privacy you once used to love. You find yourself placed on curfew that doesn’t seem reasonable, but that’s not the hard part.

You now come face to face with reality. All the things your parents tried to keep from you while you were at school are being unveiled. Medical issues come along with loads of other financial responsibilities. And wait, where is the job you thought you’d have by now. Where are the plans you spent hours making?? What happened, life happened that’s what. So what do you do now? Are new plans to be made or are you suppose to just go with the flow? 

Don’t worry all is not lost. This is when your faith is tested. God has written this chapter in your life long before you were even thought of. This is when you need to lean on Him the most. Don’t look at the process as a denial from God, but look at it as a setup that’s leading to a huge blessing. You’re still young so use this time to get to know yourself. If need be, find a part time or full time job to help with some financial responsibilities but DON’T GET SIDE TRACKED FROM YOUR GOAL! Don’t get comfortable in today’s reality. Keep your dreams and aspirations written down infront of you. Pray over them and watch them come to pass. Selectively listen to advise and never give up on the life you’ve always dreamed of living. 

Don’t get comfortable with mediocrity. Trust me, I’ve thought the same thoughts and cried those same tears. Things might seem rough now, people will constantly ask you the dreaded “so what are you doing now” question, but don’t worry, joy will come in the morning. God’s grace is renewed each and every day so fear not, your future is bright. No one can make you feel less than you are because you’re a degree holder! You made it through those ridiculously hard tests, those unrelenting professors and those rude classmates that were never optimistic about helping you out. Each day is another opportunity to be great, so don’t let them go in vain. With your head up, walk into the future God has been creating for you since the very beginning. 

I hope this helped, have an awesome day and feel free to leave a comment if you want to talk more! 🤗