Camo Chillin

I’ve never been the athletic type but this leggings paired with my roshe runs got me feeling like I’m really doing something. These are actually my first pair of mesh leggings and I could not believ how affordable they were!

With my desire to always be comfortable, you’d think that this look would be one of my many casual looks, but I surprisingly don’t dress sporty casual much… if at all. Tennis shoes, though comfortable, barely ever touch my feet and sporty chic is a style I barely even know. 




I do love how everything came together though. When I say that God helps me plan my outfits sometimes… I’m not kidding! I’ll literally pick up something and immediately have an image of an outfit in my head even without spending hours looking for something to wear.

I used to think that having options makes choosing an outfit easier but it high key only confuses you more. It’s like wanting to rock a pair of black heels to an event only to realize that you have more than one pair to choose from. They might all be black but each one has the abiltiy to transform your outfit in a different way. 



It’s good to play around with different fashions sometimes but remember that your style should be apart of you. If it doesn’t feel natural than it’s not YOUR style. 


Outfit Details 

  • Jacket: Forever 21
  • Top: H&M
  • Athletic Mesh Leggings $15 : Forever 21
  • Shoes : Christmas present from 2 years ago (can be purchased at any local sneaker store)
  • Shades: Just In (local Houston store)