Almost There : New Years Eve Chit Chat

Man, this year has been something. But as I write this, I can’t help but think of all the bad that has been going on lately. I can’t help but fixate my eyes on the issues that have just seemed to pop up out of no where. Surprisingly, I’m not one to get to deep about my own personal issues… but I thinks it’s about time for a change.

Have you ever just asked God why, why me? Or have you everbmade plans only for some fluke problem to pop up out of no where and ruin them? Well that seems to be my life right now. Things seem to have shifted right as the end of the year is wrapping up. I’ve been to the doctor’s office more times in the past few weeks than I have this whole year. I’ve been down and out and to top it off, I’m not alone. 

Hearing of all that my friends and family have been going through definitely lighted the anxiety that was starting to re-kindle in my heart but I refuse to let it reach full force. Instead of entering 2017 with fear and trembling, I’m going to tip toe into it with pure worship. I thank God for not letting me look like the obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

I thank God for the constant reminders of how no one is perfect from friends who themselves need more encouragement than I do. Coming to terms with the fact that we indeed are all broken is one of the saddest things I’ve ever had to do. It feels like the older I get, the more unfortunate realities start to come my way. Life goes from being fine and dandy to falling into shambles overnight and all you can really do is sit down in awe at how it all happened.  But hey, there’s still hope.

We serve a LIVING God. A God that is not limited by the sorrows of life. We serve a God that has shut the mouths of lions. We serve a God that can breathe life into dry bones. We serve a God that can make bread from where there was none before. Or do you not believe that anymore? Is God only really God when things are going right? Does He all of a sudden lose his power when we become weak? No. He doesn’t. God is still God and His grace renews every morning.

Yes life can appear hard to bear at times… most times really,  but it’s suppose to be. Adam and Eve disobeying God didn’t usher us into marital bliss. Cain killing Abel didn’t seal a deal on a painless life. So as we enter a new year let us remember that yes we will have trouble, but take heart because Jesus has already overcame the world. Look away from all that is happening and try to enjoy the part of life that doesn’t leave you battered and broken. The sky is still blue even though it rains sometimes. The sun will eventually come back again and so will your joy. 😊