Lovely Prints

Fall weather hasn’t reached Houston yet so I’m definitely milking what’s left of this weather. There’s just something about a cute dress and a nice pair of heels that makes life easier to walk through! 




I was just reading an article about whether or not your clothes can open up a whole new world for you and I’m here to say that they can! The confidence that is created when you feel happy about yourself and your appearance is unmatched.

But I’m here to say don’t wait until that day. We will never truly feel perfect about who we are so why waste time waiting for that right figure or the perfect hair do?

Rock who you are now and be happy doing it. Wear your clothes and don’t let them wear you. Be confident in who you are and excited about who you are becoming. 

I chose to highlight my favorite parts of my body which are my shoulders and my legs. No more hiding behind who I wish I was, the time is now!

I wore these shoes for the first time when I went to a traditional Nigerian wedding. Not only did I wear them the whole night but I danced in them also! At first glance the heel looks pretty intimidating but walking around in them wasn’t bad like I thought it would be!

Wait is it me or does this dress look like it can pass as Ankara??  This dress was definitely a great find!  I randomly found it on sale and wasted no time scooping it up and like usual it was the only one left!

If you haven’t noticed… I LOVE THE OFF THE SHOULDER TREND. I really enjoy showing off my well moisturized chocolate shoulders. There’s really no better feeling than being comfortable in your own skin! 


Outfit Details 
  • Dress : H&M
  • Heels: Shoe Deal (local Houston shoe store)
  • Accessories : Harwins