Fall Stripes

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall!… Well not really, but it was breezy enough for me to wear long sleeves. And the only thing better than the color was the price! I can’t believe I got it for practically free. Lol not really, but it was still a great bargain.😅 

This olive green just looks sweet on my skin. I definitely knew this was one of the colors that would flatter my skin tone!

This dress was surprisingly only $5!!!!! I don’t know about you but I love being favored by God! There’s no better feeling than seeing a cute dress and then being PLEASANTLY surprised by the price. Like usual, I’m always drawn to softer textiles but I can definitely see this dress shrinking in the dryer. Hopefully I’ll remember  to air dry it but if not, we had a good run. 😏 

The hat is what truthfully brought it all together. Every woman should definitely invest in a good hat. It’s one of those accessories that can liven up your outfit whether you’re dressed down or up. This one especially, made me feel well put together.  

When taking pictures your environment is as important as your outfit itself. The green from my dress compliments the green found in the nature around me. 😍
Outfit Details

Dress: Fallas Parades

Ankle boots : Shoe Deal 

Hat : Forever 21

Accessories : Harwins