Houston’s AfriFest 2016

Do you love festivals and Culture? I know I surely do that’s why I had to be in attendance at the 2016 Houston AfriFest! AfriFest is an event that was created to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Africa. From food to jazzy music, this gathering was full of all things Africa. But don’t take my word for it, let’s take a look at some of the interesting booths that were represented here!

The Aem & Bow Company

This Lagos based company focuses on making hand crafted clothes for your little ones!

Instagram: @aemandbow

Website: http://www.aemandbow.com/


Sentriq Brand Clothing & Accessories

This Ghana inspired company brings mixes the arts of Africa with contemporary pieces to leave you feeling as authentic as possible!

Instagram : @sentriqbrand

Website: http://sentriq-brand-clothing-and-accessories.myshopify.com/


Mix Master Brown

The DJ was definitely in the mix. From the moment you entered the HBU campus, you could not help but be captivated by all the beats and instruments that make up a lot of these cultural music!

Instagram : @mixmasterbrown


Indigenus Market 

This up and coming company defintiely caught my eye with all the tribal accessories and sculptures it offered. These neckalces would be the perfect stand out piece for a monochrome outfit. And these culture filled pieces of art would look great in any room. 


Instagram : @indigenusmarket


Kingsway Bakery

Come through Kingsway!!! This is definitely the one stop shop for delicious suya, meatpie, puff puff, buns, etc. I’m literally here all the time and they never fail to provide the goods!  The delicacies are made daily and with much tender loving care. The owners are very kind and loyal to their customers. 


Thank you to the Nigerian-American Multicultural Center (NAMC) and  their sponsors for hosting this event!  Definitely check out their website for more information on who they are as well as more events such as this. 



Ok guys that’s a wrap for today! I adore African culture so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am always excited to attend events such as this. Definitely don’t sleep on your city’s local cultural festivals, they only happen once a year and they prove to always be worth the drive…if you come on time! lol