Sunny Days Are Here Again 🌞

This outfit definitely makes me feel like I was apart of the 80’s!  

The colored cat eye shades is what adds a little pepper to the whole look. The blue lense doesn’t take away from the already colorful scenery, instead it adds more to the look’s somewhat played down colors.

The wide leg crochet pants are definitely perfect for sunny days such as this. Whether you’re rocking them to the beach or out for lunch, they’re definitely a statement piece. They were a bit long for me so I decided wear them with a simple black pair of heels. 


I admit I had some reservations about these pants and how they make some people feel but that’s when I remembered who I was living for.  A life spent trying to please others is not a life well spent. 

Outfit Details

Top : Just In (local Houston Clothes Store)

Bottoms : Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes : Trend Mall (local Houston store)

Jewelry : Harwins (local Houston shopping strip)

Shades : Ebay