As humans we go through a series of emotions DAILY, some are more fruitful than others. But the most unfruitful emotion I know of besides fear, is anger. Trust me, I am an advocate for encouraging people to embrace what they are feeling in order to better understand it. However, I believe allowing the spirit of anger to resignate in your heart can only do more harm than good. In fact, being too filled with anger can actually be deadly.


Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. It is usually brought on by another variable.  However, when present, it can cause the effected person or people to act in a way contrary to who they are.

It’s Fickle

Like most of our emotions, the spirit of anger can go just as quickly as it came. It is not a “permanent state” and contrary to popular belief, it can be controlled. We should never give power to something so temporary. For though the feeling itself can be subdued, the results of it sometimes cannot. 

It Grows

It is not called the spirit of anger for nothing. Like other demonic spirits, anger usually starts off small. If left unchecked, it can grow into something that completely alters one’s life and way of thought. If allowed, it can get a hold of  one’s actions, therefore bringing  both unwanted and unexpected consequences. I’ve heard about many people taking the life of others because of anger. I myself have almost got into many accidents because I was driving while angry. When you’re in that state nothing else matters outside the fact that you are mad about this or that. 

It Lies

Being mad at someone or something can change how you react towards something else. All of a sudden a friend might anger you therefore forcing you to re-evaluate your relationship with other people. You might be preparing for an event but for some reason get offended in the process and all of a sudden, that event you were just excited about going to, isn’t worth attending anymore. You could even even get angry with yourself for accidentally saying or doing something offensive which then forces you to now view yourself in a negative light.

No matter how upset we might be, we must always remember that emotions, especially this one, can be controlled. We should never believe the things that are said to us out of anger or the things that we say to ourselves. The spirit of anger is not our master. We must come to terms with what makes us angry and why it irritates us so much in order to relinquish the power it has over us. 

Deal With It Now

There are many ways to over come the spirit of anger. One way is to NOT REACT  when offended. Walking away and taking time to cool off before something irrational is said or done is ALWAYS the wise thing to do. I understand that depending on the situation, this might not be the possible choice, but regardless, it still is an option. Instead, you could go to a private place and gather your thoughts,  scream into a pillow or count backwards from fifty. 

Another way is to TALK IT OUT. Go find the person that offended you and calmly lay your feelings out on the table. Make sure your voice does not elevate because you don’t want the other person to become defensive since that will only irritate you more. If you’re angry at something and not someone, still find a wise and trustworthy person to confide in. Sometimes built up frustration comes from our inability to express ourselves so getting the opportunity to receive good counsel helps de-escalate the situation.

Last but certainly not least, PRAY ABOUT IT. Surrender that emotion to God. The devil lost every power over you when Jesus died on the cross so the spirit of anger has no right to keep you bound. You are as free from any demonic feelings as you want to be. 

AVOID turning to temporary fixes like drugs or alcohol. Obstain from partaking in fleshly desires as a means of releasing the tension that’s being built up in your heart or mind. 

There will be times when we hear or see something that hurts our feelings but the key is to surrender it to God. It’s whenever we hold it in that anger begins to grow. Why reap the consequences of an emotion that could have been prevented in the first place?  We were not created to dwell in anger so LET IT GO.  

I love you guys and I hope this helps someone who is struggling!