Nigeria The Beautiful 💚

Happy Independence Day to my beautiful country! I bet you didn’t know that October 1st was more than the beginning of a new month. It’s a day filled with joy and celebration for a people who never need a reason to enjoy themselves 😁

Nigeria has so much to offer, contrary to popular belief. It’s a land filled with love for thy neighbor. It’s a land that has made immense progress year after year.  But most of all, it’s a land that strongly reverences God. 

Though Nigeria has many things to worry about right now, I’m more than excited  to highlight the blessings that are hidden within lovely country.


The vegetation is one of my favorite things about Nigeria. This picture does it no justice but trust me, the green hills and thick forests are something to take advantage of when coming from a city like Houston.



The interesting statues and monuments scream of its rich history.  Some of them are pretty scary to look at though.  haha

The various means of transportation were nothing far from an experience. The way these babies were able to bob in between cars was thrilling and quite remarkable.  These vehicles are called kay kays.

The newly built hotels are providing opportunities for foreigners who seek to experience life in this country but have no family or friends to stay with. Some are more updated and modern than others. lol 


While preparing for my trip, I couldn’t help but think of all the  native food and restaurants that I would get to encounter again! Even though you can get Abacha (the dish above) here in America, some restaurants like the Mr. Big stand above are delicacies only found in Africa.


Oh the people!!!! There’s nothing better than getting to see and hang out with the family members you only see every so often. Man, being around this kid and his brother really made me wish I had the privilege of growing up with my cousins but then again I probably wouldn’t even value them as much if I did. 😅

But the thing I value the most about Nigeria is the culture. Each tribe/village has traditions that can be traced all the way back to before colonization and that to me is simply amazing. This means that the test of time never kept the older generation from teaching the younger ones a thing or two about their customs. Houston has a pretty large and impressive Nigerian community but there’s nothing like being back home and experiencing the authenticity of it all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a glimpse of the trip to Nigeria that I took earlier this year! I can honestly say that this trip, unlike the other two times I’ve visited, was life definitely changing. Though I was born there and moved here when I was five, I never felt as if I belonged there until now. Those people, the village, the culture; it’s what I call home.