Hey, what’s that day called, you know the one that’s meant to celebrate your birth and life? Oh yeah I think it’s called YOUR birthday. The day that is all about you and no one else. Well unfortunately, over time I think we’ve lost the sight of that. 


Now birthdays are about the celebration. Will people come? Did I pick a good day? All these are questions that honestly don’t matter. Your birthday is a day that should be celebrated for you and especially by you. There are people who honestly don’t like their birthdays, but why is that?

Is it because it exposes the amount of friends one really has? Is it because it tells of someone’s actual age? Or is it because plans have never worked out on this day? Well whatever it is, it shouldn’t be. The fact that we are able to see the date that we were born come around again is a blessing. The fact that we’re able to add another year to our life is a blessing. 

No matter how good or bad this past year has been, God obviously saw it fit to let you see another one. Which means your story isn’t over. There are probably many people who wish they could have seen another year added to their collection but here you are feeling down  because nothing is going right. Maybe it actually is.

Your birthday is meant to be a celebration of the day you made your debut into this world. The world got brighter when you were born. Someone’s prayers somehow got answered because you were born. A lesson will eventually get learned because you were born, so please, don’t render this day purposeless.

Your birthday is meant to be celebrated. Even if you just put extra sugar in your tea or take a trip to Jamaica, it’s all a celebration. Nobody’s way of celebrating is better than the other. Don’t stress yourself over trying to put extra emphasis on the clothes, event or people. It already has emphasis because it’s your birthday. Whatever you wear will be your birthday outfit. Where ever you go will be your birthday ______. And in the back of your head, know that whoever comes to celebrate with you, no matter how inconvenient it may be, is there for you.

Love yourself and love your existence. Don’t let another birthday be ruined by petty things that only take away from the big picture.

I hope your birthday was lovely this year but if it wasn’t, the next one will be. Just celebrate it with a different mindset! 😉