Let’s Talk Hair!

I’ve been getting SO many compliments/questions on my hair over the last few months that I decided to make a post about it! Here I’ll be talking to you about one of my favorite and most admired looks.

My crochet journey began a few months ago and since then I’ve tried two different hair textures. 

The first would be the kinky curl. It’s just as full if not fuller than the other style but the curls are tighter and feel kinkier. I believe it also looks a lot more natural than the wand curl. It was also a lot cheaper! So if you’d like to get the natural look on a budget, this is the hair for you!



Below is the hair I used to achieve this look, I purchased it at my local beauty supply store!


I used between 4-5 packs to get the fullness that I love.


The second and my most recent style is the wand curl. I installed this one for my brother’s graduation weekend because I wanted to still keep the natural look while appearing more formal. The curls are more defined as if I wanded it myself before leaving the house. But what I loved the most about it was the fact that it came already pre-curled so I was able to dodge the hot water and perm rods that would have probably been needed in order to get this look. 


Below is the hair I used for this look, this hair was purchased at a beauty supply store called Uptown Beauty but it can also be purchased online. I’m pretty sure the kinky hair can be too. 


Just like the other hair texture, I like to use about 5 bags to get that desired fullness.


So far I would say that my favorite out of the two is the wand curl. I love how it bounces when you walk or move your head lol. But a downer is that you’ll go from looking like an adult to looking like a little girl really quick. 😁

But if you have any more questions definitely leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

By the way, the hair featured in the picture at the very top is the wand curl. 

Talk to y’all later! 😙