A Day Full of Errands | OOTD

Like usual my days are always full of errands, but I’m slowly starting to realize how much my outfit influences my attitude while doing them! 


Don’t mind my facial expression,  I always feel like a cool kid when I wear a back pack lol. 


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BACKPACK. T he fringe adds extra character to it and the gold metals make it more of my style. 


I love being able to carry everything I need in one bag without giving my biceps a work out and this floral kimono protects my body from this aggressive sun  without making me too hot. 




Outfit Details
  • Kimono : DDs Discounts
  • Mustard Yellow Tank Top : Forever 21
  • Black Leggings : Forever 21
  • Oxfords : Shoe Deal (local Houston shoe store)
  • Fringe Backpack : DDs Discounts