The KAAN Cafe


This mediterranean restaurant was a last minute decision but the food was pretty interesting. Though I barely knew what I was ordering, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.



I can’t remmeber the name of my meal to save my life, but I do remember specifically requesting the lamb along with humus and the spinach looking side that strangely had a strong taste of curry. 


I hardly touched the vegetables that you see on the bottom right but my companions and I definitley enjoyed the well seasoned humus. The meat however was TOUGH. It was cooked well well and my teeth could hardly bare it. However, I do believe that I would have enjoyed it far more if it didn’t feel like I was fighting to chew and swallow it. 



 My friends and I had stopped here after my award mixer so i’ll defimitely give them extra brownie points for being open after 10pm. Nonetheless, I wasn’t completely sold on the place due to the fact that most of the meals that we desired to order seemed to all have been unavailable, but it was pretty late and the attendees did mention that the menu was limited because it was so late. Overall,  it’s something I would recommend at least trying once just for the experience. 



5615 Richmond Ave

Houston, TX 77057

Restaurant Hours

Thursday 11AM–3AM

Friday 11AM–3AM

Saturday 11AM–3AM

Sunday 11AM–2AM

Monday 11AM–3AM

Tuesday 11AM–3AM

Wednesday 11AM–3AM