The MAC Store #AtTheGalleria


I don’t know what I’m more of a sucker for, makeup or bright colors lol.  I’ve walked into some very modernly decorated stores, but this one takes the cake for me! Like usual, MAC is definitely making its presence known in a sea of worthy competition. 


I love how clean this store appeared. The black storage units allowed for the makeup to be found easily while giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. 



The brightly colored columns quickly  catches your attention and draws your eyes to whatever products are being showcased on it. Then the well waxed onyx colored floors somehow makes you feel glamorous as you make your way around the store. 



The LED lights are probably what’s giving this store it’s bright ambiance. They seem to make every piece of color pop and makes the typical weary shopper wide-eyed as they walk through the chic glass doors. 


But this piece of art though …

Can I have it without the MAC Instacurl lash logo??? And can it lowkey be a picture of my face? Hahaha Is it weird to want that? Oh well, whether it is or isn’t, this art work is still pretty dope. 

As I follow different cosmetic lines on Instagram, I always find it fascinating how the various companies each have a unique style and somehow always find interesting ways to lure in their type of customer.  Nonetheless, if you haven’t checked this store out, definitely find a way to stop by sometime. I’m sure the lighting is perfect for a selfie or three lol. 


The Houston Galleria

5015 Westheimer Rd #3325

Houston, TX 77056

Store Hours








Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, I just happened to pass by this store one day at the mall and felt the need to blog about it.