The Power Behind Journaling 

Sometimes we have so much to say but no one to say it to. Then other times we may have a listening ear available at our disposal but we fear the judgements that would be brought up because of the thoughts that we sometimes have. But guess what? That’s why God created journals. Journals do so much more than hold the ideas, memories and secrets that we all experience. Below I’ll be giving you the three most beneficial reasons to journal and why everyone should do it!

The Un-judgemental Ear

Unlike the process of opening up to people, your journal will never judge you. It takes in all that you have to say and keeps it safe between its finely put together pages. It allows for you to be as blunt and vulnerable as humanly possible without any repercussions. You need not worry about it exposing you or using the information for its own personal gain. In fact the only thing that you probably have to worry about is it falling into the wrong hands. But that’s why there are now multiple resources available that can act as a journal in which some are much safer and more confidential than others.

The Healing Aid

There’s something about being able to take what’s on your mind/heart and putting it on paper that really helps with the healing process. Being able to physically see what has burdened you for so long is pivotal in being able to overcome it. I’ve heard of people  gaining closure by writing letters to their ex (but not sending it) or to a deceased loved one only to ball it up and throw it away. Well if that helps bring relief to the writer, then why not write to that person or thing that has weighed so heavily on your heart. It’s not about whether or not they’ll ever get to see it but more about you. I’ve been advised to write letters to God whenever I don’t have the words to pray and it has proven to be extremely effective. It’s about emptying the load on to He who can carry it better than you can.

 In fact, why not write to yourself, using positive and life filled words in ways you have never heard it before? There’s nothing better than seeing with your two eyes all that you are and can do. During my quiet time I like to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me all that Christ says I am so I can keep it as a constant reminder when times get hard.

The Dream Keeper

Habakkuk 2:2‭-‬3 NIV says, “Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.  For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”

 I am a firm believer in writing down your dreams and praying over them. You’ll see that bringing your dreams to God will prove to be a wise decision once you begin to see your goals manifest ( if they’re within His will).

 There’s nothing better than getting a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing during the “quiet” times when nothing seems to be happening in your life. Having somewhere to reference to whenever you feel your self drifting from the original plan can determine whether you move forward quickly or not. We as human beings tend to easily forget the things we promised ourselves we would do. We forget the desires that were once on our hearts. We grow but have no way of proving it because we have no way of going back and looking at how our thought process has changed.

Right now it seems like we live in a world where one has so much to say but no one to say it to. Therefore we must empower ourselves in any way possible and a journal can be the tool we use to let our voice be known. Whether we write a blog post based on the contents of our journal or write a book about it, a journal is an easy and simple investment for your future. Your journal doesn’t have to be lavish or encoded with a high-tech security system. A simple spiral notebook can act as a journal. The notes app on your phone can act as a journal. Some programs on your computer can act as a journal. There’s no reason to make excuses as to why you don’t actively write down your thoughts.

Just get one and begin enjoying the blessings that comes with it. If not in a tangible journal, than keep track of your progress on your phone or on your tablet or computer. Any of these options is better than simply keeping it all in your head. 


P.S. You have to actually write on it for it to be of any use to you. 😊


[ All of the journal shown above was purchased at my local neighborhood  Walgreens, Walmart and Marshalls. ]