What’s better than trying out a new restaurant?? Trying out a healthy new restaurant! This place is the spot if you desire to have a cute lunch date with a friend or if you seek to catch a quick bite to eat during your lunch break. 

The restaurant’s decor definitely went along with the overall disposition that was established upon reading the menu. 



I happen to have ordered the spicy fish tacos. The set up looked superb but the fish was definitely not as abundant as I thought it would be. 

My friend ordered the spicy chicken tacos, which in my opinion tasted better than the fish tacos that I ordered. 

As you can see, each taco was (in my opinion) unfortunately loaded with cabbage more than it was loaded with fish. Though overall the meal was okay, that fish aspect was a real let down. 

My meal was composed of four spicy fish tacos and a side of sweet potato fries with a glass of lemonade. I originally attempted one of their organic teas but was discouraged upon finding out that all the options, despite the flavor, were unsweetened. 


The Round Up

In the end, Ruggles Green is definitely a spot I will be visiting more often. It’s a clean kitchen that focuses on providing their customers with healthier alternatives from the delicious meals to the organic beverages they offer. I will most likely be getting the turkey burger that I was encouraged to try upon my next visit!

I am definitely recommending this place if you are looking to catch a healthy bite to eat somewhere.